This summer in Montreal, Under Pressure meets VR!

Under Pressure is the largest and longest running event of its kind all across North America. Under Pressure is a graffiti festival which focuses on community development, artist empowerment as well as positive youth development through ownership and responsibility of a shared space. Currently heading into its 20th anniversary this festival is the longest running graffiti and hip hop festival in existence.

Guess what? Yes! We'll be showing a demo of Take a Tour!, a game that archives montreal's murals and much more! Come say hi and give a try! We'll be demonstrating on the 8th and 9th of august at Galerie Fresh Paint, Ste Catherine, Montreal. Tons of great artists will perform during this free event, not only the cream of the canadian street art scene but also amazing turntablists such as Dj QBert!



I have a deep background in science, art and technology. I specialize in the areas of philosophy of mind, gamification, human computer interaction and radical empiricism. I am primarily interested in the transdisciplinary intersections among cognitive science, computer science, philosophy of communication and spirituality. After two years researching on intertextualities within the transhuman discourse at the era of the Psychedelic Renaissance, and one year developing serious games dedicated to VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, I am currently initiating HIGHWAY101, Experiential Technology Community. My interviews and reviews are regularly published on and under the name Alecz Boulder. You can find my past and recent work here: