CRD 0.1

CRD 0.1

After six months trying things out, playing around with the kinect, the structure sensor, EEG, unity3d, leap motion, q3d, arduino, pulse sensors, watching tutorials and eating hummus everyday, our team is now working on the Cybernetic Rift of the Dead Project. The CRD is an open source project (creative Common License non Commercial) so everybody will be able to download the full project and modify/augment it.

We are currently working on the start screen, the intro, and building the Westing House, aka the main cybersquare from which players can access to 39 temples.
We are not going to build the 39 temples but launch a call for proposals and get some help from VR enthusiasts, psychonauts and students. Ideally, once the player has been through the 39 temples, he should face death anxiety without fear, be aware of his cardiac movement and be familiar with transpersonal posthumanism.

Please, check out what's in the cooker by downloading the release CRD0.2, play a bit around and give us your feedback!! THX!
Note that the full project will be downloadable early of august.





I have a deep background in science, art and technology. I specialize in the areas of philosophy of mind, gamification, human computer interaction and radical empiricism. I am primarily interested in the transdisciplinary intersections among cognitive science, computer science, philosophy of communication and spirituality. After two years researching on intertextualities within the transhuman discourse at the era of the Psychedelic Renaissance, and one year developing serious games dedicated to VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, I am currently initiating HIGHWAY101, Experiential Technology Community. My interviews and reviews are regularly published on and under the name Alecz Boulder. You can find my past and recent work here: