The Rift is essentially a psychedelic experience (...)

The Rift is essentially a psychedelic experience. Like it’s the case for shrooms, weed, DMT, destroys your conception of reality for ever, and chips some bits away from your ego.
— Sorrow_Scavenger,
I had a bout of derealization for about 3 hours the day after I got the rift. Weeeird feeling that nothing I did for that time was real.

I had a similar problem. Read George Berkeley’s Treatise Concerning The Principles of Human Knowledge. What you’re experiencing is an intuitive acceptance of the impossibility of the existence of material substance. Once you realize that reality is a judgement regarding the reliability of a perception rather than a property of the objects you perceive, you should be fine. Your perceptions of objects in the rift are not “real” because you perceive them to be conditional upon the state of wearing the rift, which you don’t usually do, and they aren’t consistent with your tactile, or olfactory perceptions. If you were in the matrix, your perceptions would be real. One way or another, you live in your own mind. Maybe perceptions are induced by material objects and maybe not, but we have no evidence to that effect and there’s no value in speculating on the subject.

Tl;dr: Read George Berkeley. Become an idealist. No more derealism.
— Deleted user,


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