Simpler, Better, Faster: A Conversation with Lip Comarella by HIGHWAY101

A: Hello Lip, please tell us a bit more about you. What is your background? Did you study visual arts?

L: Not really [laughs]. My parents forced me to have a very classical education. I studied Latin and ancient Greek in high school. But when I was 18, I realized that I enjoy to visualize my ideas and thoughts.

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Paving the Way for Animators in VR: A Conversation with Joe Daniels by HIGHWAY101

Joe Daniels has been working in the animation industry for more than a decade. He is the 3D Animation Director at TinyCo Games in San Francisco, and the Lead Animator on Harry Potter — Hogwarts Mystery. Joe has worked with clients such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, and Aardman Animation, and has been creating drawn animation in VR for about as long as this new medium has existed. He has a passion for exploring new tech and workflows related to the art of storytelling, and helping artists unleash their creativity and will be giving a workshop this summer as part of the Anomalia VR Development Lab in Czech Republic. I invite you to find below some excerpts from our conversation.

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AnimVR at the Forefront of Animation in VR: A Conversation with Milan Grajetzki by HIGHWAY101

There are currently two main VR applications that allow direct animation inside VR: AnimVR by NVRMIND and Quill by Facebook. These tools are designed to maximize animator’s time and efficiency, and creators are increasingly getting into it. Everyday amazing creations are posted to theVirtual Animation Facebook Group… check it out! It is an exciting time for animation in VR. I recently got to chat with Milan Grajetzki, a talented interdisciplinary designer and co-founder of NVRMIND, (the VR research lab behind AnimVR). I got to learn a bit more about what he’s been up to since animating in VR has been picking up pace within the animators community. Below are some excerpts from our conversation.

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PanoMoments Unity Toolset, A New Format for Animators in VR: Conversation with Dustin Kerstein by HIGHWAY101

PanoMoments are a new short-form VR medium that brings together time and space. I recently met with PanoMoments founder Dustin Kerstein to talk about their recently released Unity3D Toolset, which makes it very easy for VR/360 creators to convert their 360 video and/or animated scenes into PanoMoments. You can see an example here built from a scene of the 360 experience Kinoscope.

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Taking Animation in VR to the Next Level: Conversations with Mike Khoury & Jamil Mehdaoui by HIGHWAY101

Ifyou’re a virtual reality enthusiast, you might already be familiar with programs such as Tilt Brush, Quill, MasterpieceVR, Medium, etc., that allow VR aficionados to paint and/or sculpt in a three dimensional space. It’s rad!

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