Simpler, Better, Faster: A Conversation with Lip Comarella by HIGHWAY101

A: Hello Lip, please tell us a bit more about you. What is your background? Did you study visual arts?

L: Not really [laughs]. My parents forced me to have a very classical education. I studied Latin and ancient Greek in high school. But when I was 18, I realized that I enjoy to visualize my ideas and thoughts.

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What the Quill ?! A Conversation With Champu Chinito by HIGHWAY101

A: Hello Champu Chinito! Please tell us more about you, where do you come from and how did you fall into the vrabbit hole?

CC : I’m from Mexico City and my name is Orlando. Better known as Champu Chinito, which was the name of an art collective that my friends and I have created when we were in high school. Since everybody took different paths at the end of our studies, I decided to stick with Champu Chinito as my artist name.

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VR as a Design Tool: A Conversation with Matt Schaefer by HIGHWAY101

Matt Schaefer is a multidisciplinary interaction designer who loves the challenge of uncovering, unraveling, and solving problems by creating solutions that live at the intersection of digital and physical. His last Quill piece inspired by the works of Alex Martin triggered near 2k new members on the fb virtual animation group two weeks ago. Merging 2D and 3D elements, this animated scene takes us somewhere between Roger Rabbit and Blade Runner in which each of the (many!) characters seem to have their own story to tell. I recently asked some questions to Matt. Please find below some excerpts from our conversation.

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Experiments in Art & VR: A Conversation with Scobot by HIGHWAY101

When I first saw scobot’s work on his Facebook page, I was psyched. ‘It’s like if Moebius finally came to life in VR’ I was saying to myself. I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve experienced TokiMonsta’s show in TheWaveVR in October 2017. Scenic artist, VJ, musician, VR modder, scobot is experimenting with Gravity Sketch, Tilt Brush, AnimVR and Unity3D to achieve his ultimate goal: create virtual reality art out of his hand-drawn sketches. I recently had a great chat with him and invite you to find below some excerpts from our conversation.

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