HWY101ETC is a VR-focused hub that represents visionary creators in NYC.

Founded in 2015 in Montreal and now based in New York City, the community has grown to 600+ passionate members and held gatherings such as Café VR that has popped-up across Montreal, Paris & New York, Jump Into VR Fest, a 3 day event dedicated to VR/360 in NYC, the Virtual Art Collective monthly Meetup, curating special events at ANNY, Rutgers University, and more.

Events 2018

  • Nov. 29 2018. “Empathy” group exhibition curated by Gabriel de Guzman , Smack Mellon, Dumbo, NYC. Showing MannahattaVR

  • Nov. 17 2018. “Lenape Gathering” Center for Law & Social Justice, Rutgers-Newark. Showing MannahattaVR

  • Nov. 7 2018. “Learning by Doing” Working Sessions, Fall 2018. Price Institute Series Mellon Foundation Endowment. Rutgers-Newark. Panels curation “Immersive Tech and Education”, with Mikita Labanok (AbelanaVR), Jay Van Buren (Early Adopter), Leah Potter (Electric Funstuff), and Marry Rizzo (Rutgers) as moderator, and “Immersive Tech & Social Justice” with Glenn Cantave (Movers & Shakers NYC), Will Roberts (Augmented Pictures), Beatrice Glow, and Jack Tchen (Rutgers) as moderator.

  • Oct. 6-7 2018. ANNY Animation Nights Best of Fest 2018. 180 Maiden Lane New York City. Panels and VR showcases curation. Special guests for panels “Paving the Way for Animation in VR”: David Lobser, Micah404, Sean Tarrant, Catherine D. Henry, Fred Volhuer, Jeremy Casper, Paloma Dawkins, Inga Petryaevskaya, Gordy Chernyy, Maria Mishurenko, Thomas Cheng, Harold Dumur, Michael Markman. VR Showcases: OVA, Moment, Tvori, Museum of Symmetry, Cosmic Sugar, The Nominal Empire, & more.

  • Aug. 22. 2018. Virtual Art Collective. Create animations with Tvori. Littlstar HQ, New York City. Co-organizer. Instructor: Alecz

  • Jun. 27. 2018: Virtual Art Collective Meetup. Tilt Brush & Unity3D Workflow. Littlstar HQ, New York City. Co-organizer. Instructor: Will Roberts

  • May. 23. 2018: Virtual Art Collective Meetup. Focus on Quill and AnimVR. Littlstar HQ, New York City. Co-organizer. Instructor: Marco Leone

  • Apr. 18. 2018. Virtual Art Collective Meetup. Animation in VR, First Contact. Littlstar HQ, New York City. Co-organizer. Instructor: Micah404

  • Mar. 20. 2018: Being in Two Places at Once: Art & the Geopolitics of Remote Sensing. NYU Tisch School of the Arts, New York City. Lecturer

  • Feb. 17. 2018: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Culture in a Changing America, Park Avenue Armory, New York City. Exhibitor

  • Jan. 24. 2018: Art in VR Special NYVR Meetup, Two Trees, New York City. Exhibitor with The Spirit Ambassador, the Dohp.

Online Publications

- From Flip Books to VR: A Conversation with Ran Sieradzki
Paving the Way for Animators in VR: A Conversation with Daniel M. Peixe
- Highlights from Tribeca Immersive 2018
- Simpler, Better, Faster: A Conversation with Lip Comarella
- What the Quill ?! A Conversation with Champu Chinito
- VR as a Design Tool: A Conversation with Matt Schaefer
- Experiments in Art & VR: A Conversation with Scobot
Paving the Way for Animators in VR: A Conversation with Joe Daniels
- AnimVR at the Forefront of Animation in VR: Conversation with Milan Grajetzki
- PanoMoments Unity3D Toolset, An Interesting Format for Animators in VR
- Taking Animation in VR to the Next Level: Conversation with Mike Khoury & Jamil Mehdaoui


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