Highway101 Experiential Tech Community, LLC is a VR-focused hub that represents visionary creators in NYC, builds a network of industry influencers, and actively participates in industry events and festivals.

Founded in 2015 in Montreal and now based in New York City, the community has grown to 400+ passionate members and held gatherings such as Café VR that has popped-up across Montreal, Paris & New York, many Meetups and workshops, Jump Into VR Fest, a 3 day event dedicated to VR that took place in NYC on Sept 15-17, 2017, and more recently the Virtual Art Collective monthly Meetup in NYC.


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Mannahatta VR (WIP)


Long before Henry Hudson’s arrival in 1609, Manhattan or Manaháhtaan, as originally named by the Indigenous Lenape people, was a place of gathering and exchange amongst diverse nations. Today, Broadway runs along a portion of the original matrix of trails that connected Manaháhtaan to the broader northeast region and the Great Lakes.

Artist Beatrice Glow and The Wayfinding Project at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU partnered with Highway101ETC (Experiential Tech Community) to build Mannahatta VR, an interactive virtual reality experience that brings together the past and present of one Broadway block.  This project was developed through consultation with Native culture bearers, ecologists, educators and technologists. In the process, we ask ourselves how can we expand knowledge of Indigenous Manhattan? What does a sustainable Indigenous future look like? 

The Wayfinding Project


"In the spirit of collaboration, this installation doubles as a lab activated by research and dialogue led by Lenape and Pacific scholars, culture bearers, and communities, to piece together the surviving historical fragments of land dispossession, dislocation, and diasporas. The findings will inform the creation of additional augmented and virtual reality experiences that will contribute to the envisioning and shaping of an Indigenous futurism."

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Lower East Side Simulation


Every year, students from NYU Silver School of Social Work complete an internship in an organization located in and around the Lower East Side.

Through this experience, NYU Silver School of Social Work’s graduate students embark into a narrated virtual field trip within the very neighborhood where they will be working. As they virtually cross a main thoroughfare, board a city bus, pass a public park or wait at a traffic light, they have the opportunity to proactively engage social work concepts

By prompting students to observe each location in 360° and trigger information hotspots, the students are provided with a new tool to think about the implications of the specific multi-layered and historical environment on their social work.

Created with WondaVR, the editing and publishing solution to create 360° interactive VR experiences.

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Jump Into VR Festival 2017 (1st edition)


Organization and curation of an affordable 3-day event (63 speakers, 34 VR demos) dedicated to virtual reality that took place in NYC on Sept. 15-17, 2017 with Jump Into The Light, VR Cinema & Playlab.

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Cybernetic Rift of  the Dead