10 Miles High Club

10 Miles High Club is a VR-focused art collective based in NYC. Its vocation is to offer a space (virtual and/or physical) for VR creators to experiment, learn, teach, produce and showcase their work.

10 MHC is an open goup. This means that anyone is welcome to apply to join, the only restriction is for the artist to have a VR practice/component within its workflow.
To apply, send me a msg at alecz1k at gmaildot com including the following:
-Short biography (150-200 words max),
-Visuals, Links to consult your work online, 
-Short text explaining what are your expectations joining this club,

Thank you for your interest!


Please find below our current call for projects: 

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BIG CITY NIGHTS, Art in VR Group Show in NYC, Jan 24

HWY101etc has been invited onboard as an independent curator to curate a group show for a one-night Art in VR event. This event is organized by the popular NYVR Meetup. This is the first time they're organizing an Art & VR event and the only other comparable NY-based event was the Art of VR at Sotheby's that took place in June 2017. NYVR has secured a venue for an attendance of 300 in Dumbo, Brooklyn, which is quickly becoming the new media hub of the town. Photos of the space are attached in this email. Participating in this event would heighten the visibility of your work (+/- 300 NYC Art and tech audience), grow a customer base (VR/3D/2D video productions) and position HWY101etc as a leading VR agency in NYC. 


"Although the video has drawn several interpretations, Thomas Bangalter has stated: There's no story. It is just a man-dog walking with a ghetto-blaster in New York. The rest is not meant to say anything. People are trying to explain it: Is it about human tolerance? Integration? Urbanism? There's really no message. There will be a sequel someday." -- wikipedia

When was the last time you watched Spike Jonze’s music video Big City Nights produced for Daft Punk's Da Funk track? Set in New York City, it is arguably one of the most iconic music videos of the ‘90s. Big City Nights’ ghetto-blaster, flashing neon lights, cars, noise, towering skyscrapers, graffiti bombed walls, and bumbling girl-meets-boy scene capture the aspirational mood and youthful charm of a generation. It was a snapshot of a world on the cusp of leaving an analog world behind.

I am interested in VR-based artworks that may be interpreted as some form of sequel or response to this music video. Animated scenes that expand and go beyond literal interpretations are encouraged. Hardwares available to showcase the work include VR headset (HTC Vive, Oculus) projector, monitor and SubPac.  


Terms of Participation:

·       The artist agrees that the curator and staff can show his/her work on his/her behalf in the event that he/she cannot be present. It is not mandatory for the artist to be physically present for the event. There will be staff to help and take care of the audience.

·       By participating, the artist agrees that the work submitted will be premiered the night of the event on Jan 24, 2018. 

·       The artist will be allowed to share the work on his/her own digital platforms two days (48h) after the event (Jan 26, 2018).

·       The artist agrees to provide high resolution (300dpi) visuals and gives the curator the permission to use/print these visuals to design flyers and cards for the purposes of promoting of the aforementioned event. Note that visuals/prints will not be released without the agreement of the artists.

·       In the event that a buyer is interested in acquiring the artwork, and if the buyer learned about the work via the curator, the curator would negotiate the sale on behalf of the artist.

·       In the event that a sale takes place, the artist would receive 60% of the sales.

·       Submitting work and applying does not guarantee participation to the group show. The curator reserves full rights throughout the selection process. 

·       The artist agrees to respond to the curator’s communications in a timely matter, which is defined by responding within two business days. Should the artist not be able to respond in a timely matter, the artist should communicate their availability to commit beforehand.

·       There will be a promo video featuring the artist's work on YouTube and FB along with regular social media posts about the artists and the event via social media and press.

·       Contracts will be sent to selected participants early January.

·       Collaborative and or individual works are welcome!


Submissions Guidelines: 

·       December 82017 11:59 PST: Submit your application by filling out the form here

·       January 5, 2018: Submit a draft of your work emailing me at alecz1k@gmail.com or using Dropbox/Google Drive if needed (it can be a screen capture, video capture, json, obj, fbx, private webpage, a unity build).

·       January 19, 2018: Submit final works.


*Edit 12/5/17: We will most probably print a limited edition of posters to put for sale the night of the event, based on the works selected.


Please feel free to contact me for any questions, I'm open to feedback and listening. 
I look forward to working with you,

Be well,